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Önas came to stay with you: that is what people from the house feels

Studio is located in Sarriá quarter Barcelona. We born 10 thousand years ago, and now we are here sharing what we learned about art, bodypiercing and tattoos.

We share and prepare dreams with aesthetics and style

Is possible to have a safe space that covers sanity and creativity from human bran and it history.

The Studio is attend by professionals with different studies on specific styles and arts and techniques to improve the specific details of each.

We been working since 2016 on this area attending residents and neighbours from Barcelona that trust us their dreams , and also visitor to the city that they planed (or not) to share a beautiful experience with INK.

We are proud and grateful that we can work in a professional artist atmosphere that includes 100% makes comfortable our clients and friends.

Onas is looking forward to meet all the simple and crazy ideas and collaborate to make it happen.

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