Ishin Denshin 2022- BCN- First edition

Ishin Denshin will be presenting a project of traditional aesthetics tattoos in full blossom which have been lost or haven't been shown yet in the West. We'll be  3 days at Barcelona Tattoo Convention (BaumFest) from 7,8,9 of October. The exposition will be of approximately 36 original paintings

Our work

We use tools and materials from Edo period along with the most advanced from the current digital period.We specialize in japanese calligraphy, washi painting (very thin bamboo and rice based handmade paper), sumi style and acrilycsWe elaborate hand carving tools for tebori and wabori

Our location

We're based mainly in Japan (Oitaken-Oitashi, Okinawa and Shizuoka) and branching in Europe (Barcelona)

Baum fest Barcelona Tattoo Expo 2022

We'll be showing our work at the Barcelona Fira's 25th anniversary edition in October 7th till 9th . Plaza Espanya Metro Station.



39 years of age, located in Oitake, inspired by ukiyo-e and tattoo artists, mainly black and white


38 years of age, located in Yokohama/Barcelona, inspired by folk and literature, mainly sumi, black, green, yellow and shu


30 years of age, located in Oita Ken, inspired by a close experience with hand-carved japanese tattoo, mainly sumi


Horijin42 years of age, located in Okinawa, inspired by the Showa period and north-american tattoo culture, mainly black and red


42 years of age, located in Shizuoka Ken, inspired by TeraOka Masami and music bands, mainly opaque gamma


35 years of age, located in Yamaguchi Ken, inspired by Showa period and Ukiyo-e itself, mainly shu, green and yellow


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